DynamIST is a research seminar in dynamical systems organized by Vadim Kaloshin’s Group at IST Austria.

DynamIST runs on a bi-weekly basis, featuring two invited speakers each time. The seminar aims to cover a broad range of topics in dynamical systems and related areas, a non-complete list includes: — rigidity of dynamical systems, — billiard dynamics, — Hamiltonian systems, — KAM theory, — celestial mechanics, — hyperbolic dynamics, — one-dimensional real and complex dynamics.

How to get to IST?

Contact the local organizers: Corentin Fierobe, Kostiantyn Drach.

UPcoming and past TALKS – FALL 2022
DateTimeRoomSpeakerAffiliationTitle and abstract
September 27, 202210:00 amHeinzel Seminar RoomNúria FagellaUniversity of Barcelona and CRMStructural stability in complex dynamics
1:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomTere M-SearaUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaAbout the non-existence of small
breathers in Klein-Gordon equations
October 10, 2022
ISTA Colloquium
11:30 amRaiffeisen Lecture HallArtur AvilaUniversity of ZurichTBA
October 11, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomSylvain CrovisierUniversité Paris-SaclayExistence of physical measures
for surface diffeomorphisms
3:30 pm
October 25, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomMark PollicottUniversity of WarwickTBA
3:30 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomArtem DudkoInstitute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of SciencesOn Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets
via a computer-assisted proof
November 8, 20222:00 pmPierre BergerUniversité Sorbonne and CNRSTBA
3:15 pm
November 22, 20222:00 pmAnton ZorichInstitute of Mathematics of JussieuTBA
3:30 pmAndrey MironovSobolev Institute of MathematicsTBA
December 06, 20222:00 pmPascal HubertAix-Marseille UniversityTBA
3:30 pm
December 20, 20222:00 pmDzmitry DudkoStony Brook UniversityTBA
3:30 pm
Past talks – Spring 2022
DateTimeRoomSpeakerAffiliationTitle and abstract
February 28, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Carlangelo LiveraniUniversity of Roma Tor VergataFast-Slow partially hyperbolic systems
3:30 pmMondi 2Henk BruinUniversity of ViennaOn volume preserving almost Anosov flows
March 14, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Alfonso SorrentinoUniversity of Rome Tor VergataOn the persistence of periodic tori for symplectic twist maps
3:30 pmMondi 2Diana DavisPhillips Exeter AcademyPeriodic paths on regular polygons
March 28, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Dmitry TuraevImperial College LondonStable motion of highly energetic particles
interacting via a repelling potential
3:30 pmMondi 2Corentin FierobeInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaOn projective billiards with open sets of periodic orbits
April 11, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Maxime ZavidoviqueInstitut de Mathématiques de JussieuWeak KAM solutions of conservative
Twist maps of the annulus
3:15 pmMondi 2Marcel Guardia MunarrizUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaOscillatory motions and symbolic dynamics
in the three body problem
April 25, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Peter BalintBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsPeriodic Lorentz gas with small scatterers
3:15 pmMondi 2Davide RavottiUniversity of ViennaLarge hyperbolic circles
May 9, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Amir VigInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaThe Wave Trace and Birkhoff Billiards
3:30 pmMondi 2Raphaël KrikorianCY Cergy Paris UniversityBirkhoff Normal Forms, frequency maps
and local integrability.
May 23, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Edmond KoudjinanInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaOn non-coexistence of 2- & 3-rational caustics
in nearly circular billiard tables
3:30 pmMondi 2Misha BialyTel Aviv UniversityThe non-standard generating function
of Birkhoff billiards and applications
June 8, 20222:00 pmMondi 3Illya KovalInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaDomains which are integrable close to the boundary
and close to the circular ones are ellipses
3:30 pmMondi 3Frank TrujilloUniversity of ZurichPersistence of lower dimensional invariant tori
for near-integrable Hamiltonians
June 20, 2022ConferenceFinite Dimensional Integrable Systems in
 Geometry and Mathematical Physics