A seminar in dynamical systems at IST Austria.

IST Austria is also hosting some sessions of the BudWiSer – The Budapest-Vienna Dynamics Seminar. For more details see the webpage of the webpage of the University of Budapest or the webpage of the University of Vienna.


January 12, 202414:15Edmond KoudjinanISTAOn the Birkhoff conjecture for nearly centrally symmetric domainsUniversity of Vienna
BudWiSer15:30István Kolossváry Rényi InstituteAssouad spectrum of planar carpetsUniversity of Vienna
17:00Serge TroubetzkoyAix-Marseille UniversityOn the complexity of polygonal billiardsUniversity of Vienna
13, 2024
14:00Yuri BakhtinNew York UniversityErgodic theory of the stochastic Burgers equationMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Davide RavottiUniversität WienAbelian covers of some translation flowsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
27, 2024
14:00Mathieu HelfterUniversité Paris CitéEvery diffeomorphism is a total renormalization of a close to identity mapMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Adam ŚpiewakInstitute of Mathematics Polish Academy of SciencesTime-delayed embeddings of dynamical systems with
self-intersections – a probabilistic approach
Moonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
March 12,
14:00Qiaoling WeiCapital Normal UniversityDivergence of geometric normalization for an elliptic fixed point in the planeMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Illya KovalInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaBilliard tables with analytic Birkhoff normal form are generically Gevrey divergentMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
March 26,
14:00Maciej P. WojtkowskiUniversity of Arizona, TucsonNew results about old sequencesMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Gabriele BenedettiVrije Universiteit AmsterdamPeriodic magnetic flows on the two-torusMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
April 9,
14:00Martin LeguilÉcole PolytechniqueBirkhoff attractors of dissipative billiardsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Alexander GorodnikUniversität ZürichDistribution and quantitative density of orbitsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
May 3,
14:15Károly SimonBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsRandomly perturbed 
self-similar sets
University of Vienna
Illya Koval
Institute of Science and Technology AustriaBilliard problems with analytic Birkhoff normal are generically Gevrey divergentUniversity of Vienna
17:00Jacques FejozUniversity Paris DauphineOn the instability of the planetary problemUniversity of Vienna
May 6, 2024
Institute Colloquium
11:30Leonid PolterovichTel Aviv UniversityOscillations and topologyRaiffeisen Lecture Hall
May 7,
14:00Leonid PolterovichTel Aviv UniversityTales of symplectic mapsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Jacques FejozUniversity Paris DauphineOn invariant submanifolds of conform symplectic dynamicsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
May 16, 2024
(exceptional session)
16:00Adam KanigowskiUniversity of MarylandSparse equidistribution problems in dynamical systemsHeinzel Seminar Room
May 17, 202414:15Nándor SimányiUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamWojtkowski’s ergodic hypothesis: a conjecture for decades?Central Bldg, Mondi 3
BudWiSer15:30Klaudiusz CzudekIST AustriaRandom walks in quasiperiodic environmentCentral Bldg, Mondi 3
17:00Adam KanigowskiUniversity of MarylandChaotic properties of smooth dynamical systemsCentral Bldg, Mondi 3
May 21,
14:00Cagri SertUniversität ZürichStationary probability measures on projective spacesMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Otto Vaughn OstermanUniversity of MarylandElliptic Islands in the Planar Circular Restricted 3-Body ProblemMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
June 4,
14:00Kristian BjerklövKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyMonotone families of circle diffeomorphisms driven by expanding
circle maps
Moonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
15:30Maria SaprykinaKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyNonconmutative coboundary equations over integrable dynamicsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
June 18,
Summer SchoolStability and rigidity in dynamical systems, beyond classical KAM theory


September 12, 202314:30Liviana PalmisanoKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyAttractors and their stabilityHeinzel Seminar Room
16:00Jialun LiÉcole PolytechniqueOn the dimension of limit sets on the real projective plane via stationary measuresHeinzel Seminar Room
September 26, 202314:30Yaron OstroverTel Aviv UniversityA Symplectic Perspective on Minkowski Billiard DynamicsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
October 5, 2023
(exceptional session)
16:30Manfred EinsiedlerETH ZürichMeasure Rigidity for forms of SL(2,R)^kHeinzel Seminar Room
October 10, 202314:30Abed BounemouraParis Dauphine UniversitySmall divisors problems in non quasi-analytic classesMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
16:00Corentin FierobeIST AustriaOnly quadrics have pseudo-causticsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
Budapest-Vienna Seminar14:00Kostyantin DrachUniversitat de BarcelonaLyapunov spectral rigidity of expanding circle mapsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
October 20, 202315:15Alex RutarUniversity of St. AndrewMultifractal analysis of non-conformal measuresMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
16:45Ilya KovalIST AustriaThe singular support of the wave trace and the length spectrum are often non-equal near ellipsesMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
October 24, 202314:30François LedrappierUniversity of Notre DameDimension of limit sets for Anosov representations.Moonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
16:00Alberto AbbondandoloRuhr-Universität Bochum Symplectic capacities of convex bodies and geodesics in the space of contact formsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
November 6, 202316:00Ke ZhangUniversity of TorontoOn the formally linearizable billiard of TreschevMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
17:30Tomás LázaroUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaLong transients in Ecology, two theoretical examplesMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
November 21, 2023WorkshopMathematical billiardsAt the crossroads of dynamics, geometry, analysis, and mathematical physicsSimons Center, Stony Brook
December 05, 202314:30Daniel TsodikovichTel Aviv UniversityBilliard analogue of Blaschke-Santalo inequalityMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
16:00Anna ZdunikUniversity of WarsawRandom complex dynamicsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
December 19, 202314:30Omri SarigWeizmann Institute of ScienceRobustness of the measure of maximal entropy for smooth surface diffeomorphismsMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E
16:00Jonguk YangUniversity of ZürichRenormalization of Unicritical Diffeomorphisms of the DiskMoonstone Bdg, Seminar Room E


January 13, 202314:00Corentin FierobeISTAFrom diamonds to length spectrum rigidityHeinzel Seminar Room
BudWiSer seminar15:00Peter Imre TothBME BudapestTypicality of finite complexity in planar dispersing billiardsHeinzel Seminar Room
16:30Michael BaakeUniversity of BielefeldOn some dynamical systems of number-theoretic originHeinzel Seminar Room
January 31, 202314:00Corinna UlcigraiUniversity of ZurichLinearization and rigidity in higher genusHeinzel Seminar Room
15:30Yi PanISTAReducibility of quasi-periodic cocycles valued in symplectic groupsHeinzel Seminar Room
February 14, 202314:00Krzysztof FrączekNicolaus Copernicus University in ToruńDeviation spectrum of ergodic integrals for locally Hamiltonian flows on surfacesHeinzel Seminar Room
15:30Joscha HenheikISTADeformational rigidity of integrable metrics on the torusHeinzel Seminar Room
February 28, 202314:00Livia CorsiUniversità degli Studi Roma TreInfinite dimensional invariant tori for the one dimensional NLS EquationHeinzel Seminar Room
15:30Otto Vaughn OstermanUniversity of MarylandOn Length Spectrum Rigidity in Dispersing Billiard SystemsHeinzel Seminar Room
March 14, 202314:00Michela ProcesiUniversità degli Studi Roma TreReducibility and nonlinear stability for an NLS equation on T^2Heinzel Seminar Room
15:30Daniel GalliUniversity of BolognaRuelle-Policott resonances and speed of mixing of Anosov diffeomorphismsHeinzel Seminar Room
March 23, 202314:00Eva MirandaUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaFrom Reeb dynamics to fluid computers: two faces of a mirrorHeinzel Seminar Room
15:30Albert FathiGeorgia Institute of TechnologyWeak KAM theory on metric spacesHeinzel Seminar Room
April 25, 202314:00Daniel Peralta-SalasICMATHamiltonian dynamics of Gaussian random potentialsHeinzel Seminar Room
15:30Dierk SchleicherAix-Marseille University, CNRSDynamical systems and finding roots of polynomialsHeinzel Seminar Room
May 9, 202313:00Sebastian Van StrienImperial College LondonA survey on some recent developments in 1D dynamicsHeinzel Seminar Room
14:30Jean-Pierre MarcoUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieRecent results on the sources of the polynomial entropyHeinzel Seminar Room
May 23, 2023WorkshopSymplectic Dynamics
June 06, 202314:00Giovanni ForniUniversity of MarylandWeakly mixing billiards in polygons Heinzel Seminar Room
15:30Ian MelbourneUniversity of WarwickDecay of correlations for geodesic flows on nonpositively curved surfacesHeinzel Seminar Room
June 20, 202314:00Richard Evan SchwartzBrown University5-point energy minimizationHeinzel Seminar Room
15:30Zhiyuan ZhangParis Sorbonne UniversityNewhouse phenomenon in the complex Hénon familyHeinzel Seminar Room


DateTimeRoomSpeakerAffiliationTitle and abstract
September 27, 202210:00 amHeinzel Seminar RoomNúria FagellaUniversity of Barcelona and CRMStructural stability in complex dynamics
1:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomTere M-SearaUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaAbout the non-existence of small
breathers in Klein-Gordon equations
October 10, 2022
ISTA Colloquium
11:30 amRaiffeisen Lecture HallArtur AvilaUniversity of Zurich
October 11, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomSylvain CrovisierUniversité Paris-SaclayExistence of physical measures
for surface diffeomorphisms
3:30 pm
October 25, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomMark PollicottUniversity of WarwickEstimates on Hausdorff dimension and Lyapunov exponents and their applications.
3:30 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomArtem DudkoInstitute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of SciencesOn Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets
via a computer-assisted proof
November 8, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomKlaus SchmidtUniversity of ViennaHomoclinic points in higher rank ergodic theory
3:15 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomKlaudiusz CzudekISTARandom dynamics on the circle and interval
November 22, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomAnton ZorichInstitute of Mathematics of JussieuRandom square-tiled surfaces of large genus and random multicurves on surfaces of large genus.
3:30 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomAndrey MironovSobolev Institute of MathematicsIntegrable magnetic geodesic flows on 2-torus.
December 06, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomPascal HubertAix-Marseille UniversityInterval exchange transformations conjugated to rotations-
3:30 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomAndrew ClarkeUniversity of BarcelonaWhy are inner planets not inclined?
December 20, 20222:00 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomMaciej CapińskiAGH University of Science and TechnologyCovering relations, cone conditions and blenders
3:30 pmHeinzel Seminar RoomPierre BergerParis Sorbonne UniversityAnalytic pseudo-rotations


DateTimeRoomSpeakerAffiliationTitle and abstract
February 28, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Carlangelo LiveraniUniversity of Roma Tor VergataFast-Slow partially hyperbolic systems
3:30 pmMondi 2Henk BruinUniversity of ViennaOn volume preserving almost Anosov flows
March 14, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Alfonso SorrentinoUniversity of Rome Tor VergataOn the persistence of periodic tori for symplectic twist maps
3:30 pmMondi 2Diana DavisPhillips Exeter AcademyPeriodic paths on regular polygons
March 28, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Dmitry TuraevImperial College LondonStable motion of highly energetic particles
interacting via a repelling potential
3:30 pmMondi 2Corentin FierobeInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaOn projective billiards with open sets of periodic orbits
April 11, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Maxime ZavidoviqueInstitut de Mathématiques de JussieuWeak KAM solutions of conservative
Twist maps of the annulus
3:15 pmMondi 2Marcel Guardia MunarrizUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaOscillatory motions and symbolic dynamics
in the three body problem
April 25, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Peter BalintBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsPeriodic Lorentz gas with small scatterers
3:15 pmMondi 2Davide RavottiUniversity of ViennaLarge hyperbolic circles
May 9, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Amir VigInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaThe Wave Trace and Birkhoff Billiards
3:30 pmMondi 2Raphaël KrikorianCY Cergy Paris UniversityBirkhoff Normal Forms, frequency maps
and local integrability.
May 23, 20222:00 pmMondi 2Edmond KoudjinanInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaOn non-coexistence of 2- & 3-rational caustics
in nearly circular billiard tables
3:30 pmMondi 2Misha BialyTel Aviv UniversityThe non-standard generating function
of Birkhoff billiards and applications
June 8, 20222:00 pmMondi 3Illya KovalInstitute of Science and Technology AustriaDomains which are integrable close to the boundary
and close to the circular ones are ellipses
3:30 pmMondi 3Frank TrujilloUniversity of ZurichPersistence of lower dimensional invariant tori
for near-integrable Hamiltonians
June 20, 2022ConferenceFinite Dimensional Integrable Systems in
 Geometry and Mathematical Physics